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Your phone like Nintendo Switch  – Razer Junglecat

Stanisław Kowański

(source: press materials)

I bet that most of you have heard about Nintendo Switch. If not – it’s a portable game console. A little bit unique – it features of screen (of course) and two small controllers on both sides – called Joy-Con. But this is still quite normal – the funny thing is that you can unhook these controllers from the console and use them remotely. As two separate controllers or as one. Maaany possibilities, huh?

And now imagine, that instead of Nintendo Switch there is your own phone. Smaller. More portable. Almost all the time with you. Sounds interesting?

You already have a phone for a few thousand zlotys, so instead of buying a new device for PLN 1400, search through the depths of Play Store/App Store for some interesting games, buy the Razer Junglecat for less than PLN 400 and play. It would be fun.

(source: promotion materials)

Junglecat is a bundle of two controllers like Joy-Con and a phone case (controllers holder). Product quality looks promising. Price is not so high. The only disadvantage (or maybe not?) at the first glance is that controllers, despite the presence of the case/holder, connects with phone through Bluetooth and has a separate battery (they don’t get charged when attached to the case). According to the manufacturer, on one charging you get 100+ hours of playing, which is quite good value.

(source: promotion materials)

You can also connect Junglecat to a PC (in the 2nd and 3rd form – as separate controllers; you can’t attach them to the screen of course), which is another big advantage.

Razer Junglecat costs 100$ what is around PLN 380. For now, the case is offered only for 4 models – Razer Phone 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in the US and Huawei P30 Pro in the rest of the world. The device offers support for over 300 games – in my opinion it sounds like a good deal worth a glance from anyone interested in gaming.


Find out… where is privacy?

Anna Kosno

Nobody really knew who he is. His anonymous name hid all mysterious history about the one man with his own opinion. Everything is hidden behind an author’s pseudonym – Banksy. His street art is forcing passers-by to use their brains. Undoubtedly,  Banksy is the most interesting street artist of the 21st century. No wonder that scientists insisted on discovering Banksy’s identity…and they finally did it.

If you didn’t know who is a person of my subject, you should open another website and take a look at Banksy’s art. Only then you will understand his secretiveness. Banksy is a voice of the ordinary people. He discusses current topics. Banksy wants us to take a minute of a break and think about pros and cons of life. His graffiti art pictures betrayals, lack of love, stupidity, war and intolerance, but also a smaller part of his works are full of humour, presented in an intelligent way. However, for the government and politicians, he is only another provocateur.

And what about scientists? Why did they destroy the magic of unknown art? Maybe just out of curiosity. The case was fresh already 3 years ago, but this affair leaves a lot of to think about.

In the past there had been several attempts to unmask the street artist. Someone even said that Banksy is a female and the other added that Banksy is a group of artists. No one was 100% sure, which was really unbelievable, because of monitoring, checking and watching people’s lives in our world 24 hours a day. But the real Banksy came to light after a weird announcement of London’s scientists. The group of experts from Queen Mary University using mathematic, geo-localization and new technologies found out that Banksy is … Robin Gunninghama, who had been suspected since a journalistic investigation in 2008. The team explored the location of Banksy’s last 140 works and identified four main activity centres, three of which were located in London and one in Bristol. After they had compared the facts with British’s activity, they got their own way.

And here start interesting facts. British scientists used a method usually employed to find serial murderers. Criminologists usually use the same technology. Scientists say that they only used public data, without hacking or following the accused. The case seems a little bit dishonest and leaves many question marks, so Banksy’s lawyers contacted the scientists. Until now, no one knows what exactly happened.

Banksy could be the last anonymous artist. Our life is like open cards. We agree to monitoring. We place our life on the Internet. These days it is not hard to be a hacker. You don’t have even have to be a thief. Everything is handed to you. Mystery of privacy vanished with identification of Robin Gunninghama.



Jaśmina Janiak


There are two universes DC and MARVEL. Both of them have amazing heroes and villains. We have Batman, Joker and Superman from Gotham (DC) and Iron Man, Hulk and Thor from Avengers (MARVEL). MARVEL has created tons of successful and fantastic movies. DC not. Of course, we can watch a good film from DC, but we have limited choice. One of such films is JOKER (2019).

JOKER is about the biggest villain in Gotham. Because of him, Gotham is now full of felonry. But before clown makeup, who was he? That is why JOKER was made. This time we can know the history of the villain, not a superhero. Why is he vile? What are his purposes? What was his background?

Despite getting to know the full past of Joker, JOKER is an excellent movie in aspects of production. Joaquin Pheonix fulfilled the expectations. We should not be surprised if next year he will gain Oscar for the best actor. Pheonix perfectly illustrated the mentality of Arthur Fleck, later known as Joker. One thing after watching this movie will for sure stay in mind, Joker’s laugh. When he is laughing, he is not filling us with joy. We see him, hear him, and we are anxious. Let the discussion begin, who was a better Joker, Joaquin Pheonix or Heath Ledger?

JOKER also touches very delicate topics. The diversity between rich and poor, and how people with money treat people without it. Second, even more severe subject is about walking all over different people, especially ill ones. Also, everyone has a story, and sometimes one thing can break them and create something foul as Joker, because Joker was created from hate to mentally challenged people; to poor people; to people that stand out from the crowd.

JOKER is worth watching movie. It is for sure for an older audience, not like Avengers and brings severe subject. History of Arthur Fleck gives us a reflection about our lives. That we are not the navel of the world, next to us are also other people that can feel too and that we should think before we offend somebody, because you never know his/her full background story.

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